da Deal

I have historically sucked at blogging. Really. I've tried a bunch of times. 

No one needs to blog. I'm a professional writer and spend enough time in front of a blinking cursor as is. But I have felt a sense of regret at not having a space to reflect, muse, and pontificate publicly. Social media is great, but an exegesis on a great piece of writing doesn't easily fit a Facebook post. And then you're *that* fucking guy on Facebook. It's a mess.

One thing I have been good at is maintaining a bone-deep interest in storytelling. Paying attention to how people tell stories is, to my mind, one of the most important ways of understanding the world. I scrutinize storytelling for my job, and I steal liberally from those who do it well. I also consume lots of storytelling for pleasure.

This blog is my way of harnessing that interest of mine to join the big messy conversation online. Every month I pick one screenwriter and one narrative artist working in a medium other than film (usually writers of nonfiction). I delve into their work and careers and log my takeaways here.

For me, it's reinforced engagement with the craft, a way to channel my interest into something a bit more methodical. It's also an attempt to turn the tides of historical suckiness.

Most of all, I hope it's a way to connect with others.

Oh, and photography. I take pictures, and this is one place I share them.