My rustic writer's retreat ... camping! (Part I)

I have a dream. I'm at a secluded campsite on the California coast. There's an ocean view, a perfect breeze, and I have three days' worth of provisions (read: lots of booze). I'm on deadline, but I've done my reporting. I just need to write, to sit my ass in the chair and put words on the page. From a recent camping trip to El Capitan State Beach north of Santa Barbara. Don't you think you could be productive here?!

Of course, my other dream is to get arrested for some outrageously courageous act of defiance, and then use my six months in the hatch to bang out some really choice pages. That one's far-fetched (and probably ill-conceived), but the thing about my camping dream is that it's completely doable. There are plenty of gorgeous campsites near LA, many of them secluded, and if I'm going to be a grouchy jerkoff for three days, I may as well spare my loved ones the face time.

Still, driving to the sticks with a pad of paper and a bunch of notes does not a rustic writer's retreat make. I'm hell bent on creating a completely comfortable, totally portable setup that will enable me to disappear for a stretch to get some work done.

My first challenge? Portable power

Stay tuned!